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Mrs. Flanagin is 50!


Thanks to all the parents for making Mrs. Flanagin’s 50th Birthday party a success!  Here are some pics from the day!  We started out the morning with flowers.  Luckily Mrs. Flanagin had a large vase stowed away in her classroom, because we weren’t prepared for so many full bouquets!  When it comes to flowers, you can’t have too many, right?  Great job picking out all the bright, fun colors!  The bouquet actually looked like it was planned, and not so much of a hodge-podge creation as I was expecting 😉

A for webB for webI went ahead and took a class pic, knowing that the afternoon surprise party would be a little crazier than first thing in the morning.

D for webWe returned later that afternoon for the surprise party.  Becky (Evan’s mom) made a fabulous cake!  Each kid ended up getting some cake, a lollipop and a gumball.

C for webWe were blown away by the generosity of the parents with all the gift cards you guys sent in.  Thanks again!  I know Mrs. Flanagin appreciated it, and she SO deserves it!

E for webBefore the kids had their cake, they each colored a page that showcased a fun fact from 1964.  They were then assembled into a book for Mrs. Flanagin to keep.

F for webG for webH for webAnd everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cake!

J for webK for webThanks, Mrs. Flanagin, for letting us crash your classroom today!  I think it was meant to be that we were your Kindergarten class for your 50th Birthday.  We obviously like to party!








I love my babies more every day…

Ryan is 3!


Our nephew, Ryan turns THREE today!

Ryan Blog AWe got to party with him this past weekend…

Ryan Blog BRyan Blog CHappy Birthday!


Aunt Shauna

Celebrating Baby Easton


We drove to Washington, MO today, to celebrate Baby Easton’s soon-to-be March 17th arrival!  I loved the theme of this shower, from the colors, to the deer, to the camoflauge.

Katy Baby Shower 1 for the blogKaty Baby Shower 2 for the blogKaty Baby Shower 3 for the blogThe first gifts were from Katy’s older sister, most of which were handmade, custom ordered and beautiful!  She received several onesies with “Cray Cray Adorbs”, “Totes Magoats”, and “Big E” (for Easton) with “Thug Life” on the back.  These sisters share such a special bond.  Reminds me of me and my sister 🙂

All of these wall hangings were handmade by her sister.  I’m thinking she needs her own etsy!

Katy Baby Shower 5 for the blogAnd her sister made this adorable quilt, which I’m sure we’ll be using as a background for some of Easton’s newborn pics because I just love these colors!

Katy Baby Shower 6 for the blogKaty Baby Shower 8 for the blogAnd now moving on to some more adorable gifts….you know every little, baby boy needs some Carhartt overalls.

Katy Baby Shower 7 for the blogKaty Baby Shower 9 for the blogKaty and Mammaw.  Cray Cray Adorbs.

Katy Baby Shower 10 for the blogIn the summer of 2012, I shot Katy’s wedding.  Here is a pic with her girls then.  And all but one were at her shower to celebrate Baby Easton.  So special!

Katy and Phil C11 for the blog

Katy Baby Shower 12 for the blogAnd one of them even has her own baby boy now 🙂

Katy Baby Shower 13 for the blogAnd though I was not there to take official maternity pictures, I still had Katy run outside to get a couple shots in the snow of course!

Katy Baby Shower 14 for the blogKaty Baby Shower 15 for the blogCan’t wait to meet you, Baby Easton!!

Katy Baby Shower 16 for the blogXOXO,

Shauna M.

Kids First Time Sledding


This past week was the first time we took the twins sledding.  The just got new sleds for Christmas and were itching to try them out!

Sledding for BlogI was amazed by how many times they were willing to make the trek back up the hill, walking in waist-deep snow at times.  It was sheer determination.

Sledding C for BlogSince we brought Aunt Jenna along, I felt comfortable enough to bring my camera to snap some pics.  And Aunt Jenna came to play in the snow as well!

Sledding B for BLogThe hill shown here was referred to as Rocket Run (Max and Ruby reference).  It was pretty much straight down.

Sledding G for BlogDown they went, and back up they went.  How many times, I lost count.

Sledding F for Blog

Sledding D for BlogAnd daddy was always at the top to help them get situated.  But when one of them called for help to carry their sled back up the hill or to get snow out of their gloves, down daddy went to save them!

Sledding H for FBAnd somehow 1 minute later, he was back at the top again to get them situated.  I was happily staying at the bottom of the hill snapping away.  “I wish I could help, but I have this camera….”

Sledding I for BlogWe had the whole area to ourselves for quite sometime until our squeals of joy drew in a group of neighbor kids.

Sledding J for FBOur son, Ben, is a true dare devil.  He loves hills, the steeper the better.  I love his big, thumbs up before heading down “Rocket Run.”  All in all it was a great first sledding experience!

Sledding K for BlogXOXO,

Shauna M.