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Shelby Mini Session Downtown CoMo


I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting Senior pics.  I especially love shooting fun, gorgeous girls who show up with a smile on their face!  Meet Shelby.

1 for WEBGorgeous hair, check.  Piercing blue eyes, check.  Glowing skin dusted with freckles, check.

A for WEBWe met at the corner of 7th and Broadway and just wandered around downtown, stopping at any spots that caught our eye.  I love downtown shoots!  Downtown Columbia, MO has a lot of fun little spots.  The first landmark we visited was the Tiger Hotel.  It was all I could do to not stop at the Velvet Cupcake next door 🙂

3 for WEB 4 for WEBThere are lots of fun little architectural aspects of downtown CoMo.  Right across the street is this fun wall art.  Also, how much does Shelby look like Drew Barrymore here?

5 for WEB6 for WEBAnd of course you can’t do a downtown shoot without the alleyway shot 🙂

7 for WEBTime for a quick outfit change and a little bit of shopping 😉

8 for WEB9 for WEBThese eyes are NO JOKE.  The tour of downtown continued onto 9th street.  It was all I could do to not get an ice cream at Sparky’s.  How perfect does her outfit go with this cute little bookstore?

10 for WEBAnd on over to 10th street for some mural fun!

11 for WEBB for WEBAnd on down from the mural is my favorite movie theater in town, the RagTag.  Just next to that, is this little courtyard.

12 for WEB13 for WEBI’m not gonna lie.  This is one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done.  It was over before I knew it.  LUCKILY, this was just a Senior pics preview mini-session, and I get to take more of this lovely girl in August!!

Last for WEBXOXO,



Flanagin Family Pics


I had the pleasure of taking family pictures for my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher this year.  We have LOVED having Mrs. Flanagin as a teacher!  She has been at Mill Creek Elementary for 14 years.  Wanna know something else about her?  She has quadruplets!  We barely survived our twins, so I am in awe of this family.  The “kids” are all grown up and are Sophomores at Mizzou (which is also where the parents attended college), so we decided to meet up on campus for the photo session.

A for WEB B2 for WEBAndy is a singer and will be traveling over to Europe to sing there.  Alex and Evan are in similar fields of study, dealing with sports.  And Elizabeth is studying to be an Elementary School teacher like her Mama!

F for WEBD for WEBE for WEBC for WEBI love when I photograph people with genuine smiles.  Makes my job easy!  You can tell that this is a happy family and that they all dearly love each other.  Ann and Randy have been together for over 30 years.  Aren’t they adorable??

G for WEBThey also brought their dogs along with them, Kate and Allie, who are obviously very much part of the family 🙂

H for WEBTwo of the kids are in relationships, and their significant others came along for some of the family pics.  Alex just got engaged to his girlfriend Kaylan!

I for WEBAandK B for WEB

K and A for WEBHow proud their parents must be to have made it this far, and to have ended up with four great kids!

J for WEBIt’s been fun getting to learn about your family this year!  Thanks again for making Sydney’s first experience with school be the best I could have ever wished for her!