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Jones Family Pics


I was so excited to take pics of the Jones family.  Not only did I grow up with all 4 kids, but they live very close to my parents’ farm.  They did an amazing job coordinating outfits with so many people to consider!

A for WEBByron was in my class.  Our grade school went Kindergarten through 8th Grade, and all 30-so of us kids were together in the same class all the way through.  You form an amazing bond with people that way.  Seeing him again made me really want to organize a reunion of our class!  Byron and his adorable wife have 3 cute kiddos.

B for WEB C for WEBCara is a couple years younger than me, but I remember her class very well.  A lot of the kids in my class had younger siblings in her class.  I have been fortunate enough to take several photos of her new baby, Lily, but I hadn’t gotten to take any of her whole family yet.  AND, her husband was in my high school class.  How cute are they?

D for WEBE for WEBNext in the line of siblings is Brandal.  Not only did we all go to the same grade school, but my mom was our art teacher.  My mom taught Brandal in art and then she had her twins for art.  She taught many generations of kids before finally retiring a couple years ago.

F for WEBAnd here’s the amazing thing about this family:  after having twins, she had 3 more babies!  I tell people that we knew we were done having kids on the way home from the hospital with our twins.  I can not imagine having three more babies after that!  But she did it, and they make having a big family look easy.

G for WEBTyler is the baby of the family.  And that’s how I still remember him…this tiny little boy who looked like trouble 😉  I love siblings that remain close and that can have real laughs together.

H for WEBAnd it all started with these two…..

I for WEBYou can tell when two people really adore each other.  They have four amazing children together, and many, many stories and inside jokes and memories to last a lifetime.  Love, love, LOVE 🙂

J for WEBBecause two people loved each other, we have all of these adorable souls!

K for WEBAnd like every photo shoot involving kids and well over an hour, there is a melting down point, which makes for a very hilarious outtake 😉

L for WEBThanks again, Jones Family!  Let’s do it again real soon 😉



Rebekah and Chase Photo Shoot


I was super excited to be able to take pics of these two cuties last week.  My childhood friend, Karina, was here visiting from Kentucky.  It had been since before we had kids that we had last seen each other.  I couldn’t wait to meet her kids and to have our kids meet each other!

Rebekah is 8 and is just a darling girl.  She is a natural poser for the camera.  She is athletic and gorgeous like her mama.

1 for BLOG2 for BLOGI told her to give me serious.  This one is 8 going on 18.

4 for BLOGChase is an adorable and very well-behaved 5 year old.  He acted shy for about 5 seconds before coming out of his shell.

3 for BLOGThese two posed together so well!  No fighting, just the occasional silly face by Chase, which was still adorable.  I asked if they always got along so well, and Rebekah shook her head “no” very slowly, maintaining her beautiful smile for the camera.

5 for BLOG6 for BLOG7 for BLOGRebekah even scouted out the spots for a lot of these photos.  I love when kids are happy to be there and have fun with me taking pictures.

11 for BLOG

10 for BLOG12 for BLOGI was really so pleasantly surprised with Chase!  He was one of the easiest 5 year old boys I’ve ever photographed!

9 for BLOG8 for BLOGAnd Rebekah was really a professional.  So grown up for only being 8!

17 for BLOG16 for BLOG14 for BLOGI brought my kiddos along to the shoot so that they could meet each other.  They became instant friends.  It’s like they knew it was in their DNA.  This pic was taken in between playing in the old schoolhouse at Shelter Gardens.  They could’ve entertained each other for hours in there pretending to do “school.”

13 for BLOG15 for BLOGThis makes me wish my friend lived closer 😦  But at least now that we live in the same town as her parents, I am hoping we can see each other WAY more often than every 9 years.  Here’s a pic of Karina and I during our hayday.  We had a playdate almost every Sunday after church.  This was also probably the last time I was ever taller than her.  We are probably Rebekah and Chase’s age here.  Good times.  Great memories.  Until the next time!

Me and Karina for BLOGXOXO,


Peter and the Wolf


Sydney was in her very first ballet performance last night at the Missouri Theater.  We have had a great experience this spring taking classes at The School of Missouri Contemporary Ballet.  She has learned so much!  Here are a few photos from the dress rehearsal and the actual performance that same night.

Starting with this adorable pic of the kittens warming up in the stairwell backstage.

A for WEBI for WEBThe ballet was in conjunction with the Missouri Symphony Orchestra.  Our son, who was in the audience, was spellbound by the pieces that were played.  He just started piano lessons so he super interested in all things musical right now.

D for WEBEveryone in the Peter and the Wolf cast did such an amazing job!

B for WEBE for WEBAnd I just LOVE the Missouri Theater.  There’s not a bad seat in that place, and it has a very regal feel to it.

C for WEBI wish I had been able to take more pictures of the entire performance, but of course I was focused on my kitten 🙂

F for WEBG for WEBH for WEBI was able to get a photo of the entire cast.  They all did such a great job!

L for WEBMany family members drove several hours to come see Sydney’s performance.  She was showered with flowers and gifts!  I think she might wanna do some more performances after this, huh?

K for WEBJ for WEBAnd Ben got to go on stage and conduct the orchestra!

Z for WEBAll in all, it was a fantastic evening!  We are excited to continue learning with MCB and can’t wait for future performances!