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Shelby’s Senior Shoot


I don’t try to hide the fact that Senior pics are my very favorite.  Add to that a beautiful, fun girl and I am in Heaven!  I’m going to try to limit the number of pics I share to just some of my favorites, but it’s gonna be hard.  Here we go, one pic at a time….

Web 1I love this mural at Nifong Park and it seemed to really go well with Shelby’s first outfit, so that’s where we started out our fun evening of shooting.

Web 2Another fun feature of Nifong Park is its black, iron gate.  Of course, Shelby rocked it.

Web 3And flashing that pretty class ring…

Web 4FYI, her eyes are really this blue.  My goal as a photographer is to capture the very best version of yourself.  I cringe when I see someone with abnormally colored photoshopped eyes.  Though I may play with overall color changes from time to time, I always go back to the natural colors.  That is what my eye prefers.  At any rate, all that was just to say that this IS Shelby.  She is a natural beauty.

Web 5And now for her celebrity look alike picture.  Drum roll please…’s Drew Barrymore!

WEB BNext, we headed downtown after a quick outfit change.  I love how Shelby is up for anything regarding her pictures.  She wasn’t afraid to try a million poses even if she felt like she was being silly.  We got some great shots because of that!

Web 6Web 8Web 9We then headed to Shelter Gardens after another outfit change.  The best backdrops are found in nature.  I don’t know that I would ever be comfortable doing studio photography.  It makes it challenging dealing with weather and lighting at times, but it’s what I love.

web 10web 11web 12Shelby had a fun idea that she had gotten from a friend.  If you ever have any fun ideas, I’m going to do everything in my power to make those things happen.  Not that getting this particular pose was particularly difficult, but I’m just saying no idea is too crazy or silly for me.  I will try my hardest to translate those ideas to photos!

web 13The sun was getting close to setting, but we raced over to some railroad tracks to take a few more pics during the golden hour.  At every shoot, I’m going out guns blazing!  Meaning, I will shoot until the sun goes down 😉

web 14 web 15And actually after we’d driven all the way there for the railroad tracks, I ended up digging this fence.  Sometimes (usually) the coolest pics are unplanned.

web 16web 17Thanks for another fun shoot, Shelby!  Good luck with your Senior Year!