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Caitlin + Steve


Once upon a time a Chemist fell in love with a Dancer……

A for WEBAnd he proposed marriage to her at this very park, upon this very bench just a few months ago.  Meet Caitlin and Steve.  First of all, don’t you just love when a couple totally nails their outfits?  After last week’s snow, we had finally started enjoying some Spring weather.  They were colorful and happy and Spring-like and adorable and perfectly coordinated.  Makes my job a LOT easier when couples do that!

B for WEB

Caitlin is the Director of the school at Missouri Contemporary Ballet where our daughter Sydney attends class.  Steve is a Chemist, and followed Caitlin to Columbia (both are from Michigan).  He also coaches soccer and helps Caitlin backstage at many of the MCB performances.  I’d say they’re a perfect match!

C for WEBProps to Caitlin for dredging through the muddy ground left from melting snow in her heels to get to this location!  They were both very accommodating to my photographer demands.

D for WEBWe made our way over to a little amphitheater at the park and had some fun on the stage.  I’m sure Caitlin felt right at home there.  She is an amazing dancer!

E for WEBWe then decided to hop on over to the downtown area for a few more shots.  There’s a purple building just down the street from MCB that I thought would complement their outfits.

F for WEBHer ring is gorgeous!  It’s so classic and beautiful.  Steve did a great job!

G for WEBSeriously, if these two ever decide to change careers, they should head on over to Disney World and be Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.  They are too cute!

H for WEBThe part I enjoy about Columbia’s downtown area is that it’s small enough to get around, and has a lot of cute backdrops.  Though the True/False film festival was this weekend, it had started to wind down, and we ended up with a lot of places to ourselves.

I for WEBI had been eyeing this bicycle every time I drive my daughter to ballet, and I would think, “That would be a cute prop for a couple shot!”  Thanks, Caitlin and Steve for making it happen!

K for WEBSince their wedding is in December, we had to take some pics by this Christmas-y tree.  And I couldn’t resist a dip in this super cool alleyway.  Caitlin and Steve like to eat sushi at the restaurant here.  I wish I was cool enough to like sushi 😉

J for WEBAnd again, such adorableness!

L for WEBI usually have several pics that call out “black and white” to me.  Their photos made that difficult for me because I just loved the colors of their outfits so much!  But here’s one that I thought looked pretty cool in b&w.  These two are adorable in any color!  Thanks so much to Caitlin and Steve for asking me to take photos of them!  I envy their wedding photographer in Michigan, because they are gonna be gorgeous on their big day!



Snow Pics 2015


Anticipating that this may be the last snow of the season, I drove around within a 10 mile radius of my home today snapping a few pics.

Snow A for WEBSnow B for WEBSnow C for WEBSnow D for WEBSnow E for WEBNow, bring on Spring! 🙂