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Elizabeth and Steve


If I had to describe this wedding in one word, it would be thoughtful.  This couple put so much thought into every little detail, to the location, the dress, the food, the cake, the flowers, including the children in every single thing… was just really touching to see how much thought went into everything!  And it was beautiful.

A for WEB

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The wedding took place at the home of a family friend, so the feel was relaxed and intimate. The guests were driven up to a hillside on a wagon.  The road was covered with a canopy of trees and the evening air was fresh and smelled of recent rain.

F for WEB

The hilltop was surrounded by trees.  Guests were seated by the bride’s son, Noah.  The doors that the bride walked through were made by the bride’s father!

G for WEBAnd to continue with the theme of thoughtfulness, the bride’s father also constructed the archway under which the bride and groom were married.  How amazing is that?!

H for WEB

The ceremony was very sweet and in large part included the children.  They filled beads together into a unity glass as a new family, and the groom gave the children gifts as a token of his appreciation for welcoming him into their family.

I for WEB

J for WEB

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And the children proclaim, “You may now kiss our mommy!”

O for WEB

I think my favorite moment of every wedding is when the bride and groom first walk back through the crowd as husband and wife.  Look how happy these two are!

P for WEB

And here they are standing under the archway made by the bride’s father.  Just incredible!

Q for FB

V for WEB

And the ride back down the hill after the ceremony was just as fun!

Z for WEB

We took some more pics down at the house.  It was just minutes before the sun was setting. I loved this willow tree!

U for WEB

The flowers in this wedding were to die for!

T for WEB

R for WEB

How adorable are these kids??  They were so sweet all day!

Y for WEB

S for WEB

The reception was cool and romantic.  Each centerpiece bottle had sparkly lights inside. And the food was amazing!!  Best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had!

X for WEB

And do you think this thoughtful wedding would just have plain old chocolate or vanilla cake?  Nope.  Almond poppyseed amazingness.

ZA for WEB

And as I went to head back home, the bride was headed out into the yard to play glow in the dark catch with her daughter.  I loved this wedding.  Thanks so much for letting me be part of your special day!


Hair and makeup, Tia Brown,

The Gourmet Kitchen, Kristi Butner, Marshall, MO

Victorian Rose Floral, LLC, Reba Raines, Nelson, MO 660-815-0555

Edith Hall Cakes, Hallsville, MO 573-696-2505 (She’s appeared on Food Network and TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off)