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Kaylan + Alex


I’m on a roll this year with great weddings!  It was another beautiful, fun, emotional, fantastic day celebrating Kaylan and Alex at the church where Kaylan grew up.  These two are just about as adorable as you can get.

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First, I should mention that Alex is a quadruplet.  Because I think that’s worth mentioning. I barely survived twins.  He is the first of the quads to be getting married (and the second will be in a few short weeks, stay tuned for that one….).  Alex’s parents should get a medal for the amazing kids they raised.  Not only did they survive quads, but they excelled in raising some great people.

Quads for Blog We did a “First Look” just an hour before the ceremony.  Their excitement and happiness was contagious.  Kaylan started tearing up immediately and so did I.  Thank goodness for Autofocus because my vision was pretty blurry there for a few minutes 🙂

C for blogWe then stepped over to some gorgeous trees that were right next to the church to snap some more pics of the lovebirds.

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E for BlogYes, her eyes are THAT blue.  We then went back inside to say “I do!”

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The ceremony was extremely touching (there were more tears on my part).  You could feel the love and support from both families.  Both the bride’s father and the groom’s brother sang, and the bride’s brother in law played the piano beautifully.  At one point, the entire bridal party along with the parents, circled them in prayer.  They then each signed a “Family Tree” momento for the bride and groom to keep in their home.  And of course, these two would write their own vows (because I hadn’t cried enough that day yet) that totally showed how thoughtful they are of their love for each other.

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The reception was super fun and relaxed.  The food and cupcakes were to die for.  And even though people were dancing and being silly, there were still several more moments for me to cry (once again) that evening.  Watching Kaylan dance with her father was one of them. Watching Alex’s brothers get emotional while they watched him dance with his mom.  But if you ever found yourself crying, 2 seconds later you’d find yourself laughing.  Like during the interpretive dance toast done by the bride’s sisters or seeing people dressed in props for the photo booth.

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Don’t worry.  I tried every flavor of cupcake.  It was sort of my job.  The center pieces were made mostly by Kaylan’s sisters and mom from some of her favorite books.  I thought that was a super cute idea!

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I had to post several dancing pics, because the bride loves to dance.  She describes herself as an aggressive dancer, and it even factored into the wedding dress she chose.  She’s fun 🙂

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I should also mention, at one point, there were MULTIPLE couples on the dance floor who had been married for over 50 years.  What amazing examples of love were at this wedding! At the end of the reception, we stepped outside to take a few more pics on the courtyard as the sun was setting.  Of course I had to get Kaylan and Alex down to the docks 🙂

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Congratulations, Kaylan and Alex.  I have no doubt you guys will be super happy for the rest of your lives!