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Amanda + Charlie Engagement Session


Do you believe in love at first sight?  Well, that’s what happened to me when I met Charlie and Amanda!  We had only corresponded over emails before finally meeting in person for their engagement session, so it was kind of like a blind date.  We met at Charlie’s parents’ farm near Fulton, MO.  It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday.  I usually don’t plan to meet up at noon, since that’s the hardest sun to work with, but I always enjoy a good challenge.  I also recently purchased a new camera and was still learning where the controls were on it.  I’m sure Charlie and Amanda wondered if I knew what I was doing a couple of times, but they were certainly too sweet to let on if they did!  Also, within 5 minutes of meeting, I walked out with Amanda’s purse.  She very politely said, “Oh, thank you for carrying out my purse.”  I was like, “What?” and then I realized that we had the exact same royal blue Old Navy purse.  I’m guessing she thought I might be trying to rob her, but once again she was too sweet to let on if she did!  We all got a good laugh out of the purse incident, and I LOVE Amanda’s laugh.  It’s one of those infectious laughs that instantly cheers you up.  We then made our way around the farm to start snapping pics!


I’m pretty sure I would never look this cute getting hoisted up onto a hay bail!


After a quick outfit change, we kept making our way around the farm.  These two were so easy to direct, in that I barely had to direct them, and they were up for anything.  It was awesome.

WEB 9 WEB 10 WEB 11 WEB 12

The white thing to the right of Amanda is a butterfly.  They had actual butterflies swirling around them in the field.

WEB 13 WEB 14

Can anyone say LEGS FOR MILES?  So lovely!  And what a good sport she was to pose for me like this.  I’m sure it wasn’t very comfortable.

WEB 15 WEB 16 WEB 17 WEB 18 WEB 19

This is one of those “gasp as soon as I took this picture” moment.  Amanda, you are stunning!

WEB 20 WEB 21

Near the end of the shoot, I asked if they wouldn’t mind laying down.  And they said, “Sure!” I said, “You probably won’t want to lay down like this on your wedding day for pics…” and they said, “Sure we could.”  Ahhhh I love couples like this! 🙂

WEB 25

And then another magical thing happened.  Someone mentioned taking the boat out for pics, and would I mind, etc, etc.  WOULD I MIND???  As a photographer, one is always looking for that new photo opportunity.  Something I’ve never done before.  Dear Families, Couples, Brides and Grooms:  I will ALWAYS want to take exciting, unique pics.  If you ever have an idea, even if you think it might take too much time or work or it might be too silly, you never know how it’ll turn out in photos!  Let’s give it a try!

WEB 22 WEB 23 WEB 24

I had so much fun with these two!  And I CAN NOT WAIT to shoot their wedding next summer!



Amanda + Shane


I had so much fun at this wedding.  First of all, the bride was someone whom I used to babysit. Before the engagement session last year, I hadn’t seen her since she was a little girl. She looked like the same curly haired, big eyed, adorable girl sprinkled with freckles….just a little bit taller 🙂  Her fiance was adorable and sweet, and you could just feel the love between them. After that day, I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding!

I started off with the guys getting ready.  Shane was cool as a cucumber.  You could feel the friendships between these guys within minutes of being around them.  They were all helping each other get ready while joking and laughing.  I felt like an intruder walking into their group, holding my camera, yet they made me feel totally welcome and part of the group.



After hanging out with the guys, I ran over to the church to check on the girls.  I arrived before they did, finding Amanda’s beautiful dress hanging in their changing room.  I went outside to find a nice place to hang it, and decided to try to hang it from a tree limb.  As I was struggling with how high the limb was, a man with a pickup pulls in and says, “Let me help you with that!”  He backed his truck under the limb, hung the dress, pulled away and let me take my pictures, pulled back up and got the dress down for me.  I thanked him and asked him if he’d be attending this wedding later and he said, “No”.  This guy just pulled over to help me out!  God bless small town America! 🙂


The girls arrived shortly after that.  Everyone was in a fun, happy mood just like the guys were.



All the girls, including 5 of her sisters and her mother were all helping her get ready.


WEB 10

Here’s the littlest sister at the bride’s feet 🙂


Then her mom helped her with the final touches.  This mom had all SIX of her daughters in this wedding as either the bride, bridesmaid or flower girl.  What an experience that must have been for her!  And just look at the joy in this bride’s face 🙂


Since the wedding was early enough that we didn’t need to do a “First Look” between the bride and the groom, the bride suggested a “First Look” between her and her dad.  Oh my goodness, what a precious idea!  And of course, I teared up when it happened.


And if that wasn’t enough, the groom surprised the bride with a personalized handkerchief.

WEB 11 WEB 12

And now it was time for the ceremony!  What a surprisingly gorgeous church for such a tiny, little town.


Here comes the bride!

WEB 13 WEB 14

I LOVED this veil.

WEB 15 WEB 16 WEB 17

Again, with this VEIL!

WEB 18 WEB 19

And now for one of my favorite pictures of all time.  The bride and groom exiting the church as husband and wife!

WEB 20

And now for the challenge of narrowing it down to a few of my favorite pics of the bride, groom and bridal party.  Here we go…..

WEB 21 WEB 22 WEB 23 WEB 24 WEB 25 WEB 26 WEB 27 WEB 28 WEB 29 WEB 30 WEB 31 WEB 32

Yeah, so that was harder to narrow down than I thought 😉  And now for the super fun bridal party!

WEB 40 WEB 41 WEB 42 WEB 43

Then we were headed off to the reception.  All of the decor was so thoughtful, a lot of it made by the bride and groom themselves.  Many things would be used later to adorn their new home.  And the reception hall ceiling was lined with little white, sparkly lights.  It was very cozy and inviting.

WEB 50

WEB 51

Then it was time to cut the cake.  The groom doesn’t like traditional wedding cake, so the bride had a cheesecake made for him as a surprise.

WEB 52 WEB 53

The first dance was filled with more joy and laughing 🙂

WEB 54

Congrats, Amanda and Shane!  I have no doubt you will be blissfully happy for the rest of your lives!

WEB 55



The Haner Family


I could certainly get spoiled by this family.  Every one of them is a natural at posing and their outfits are always perfectly coordinated.  This is also the family who sold us our home when we moved to Columbia, so we have the connection of having shared the same “home.”  And we both have 7 year old daughters named Sydney!  Speaking of daughters, these two are as cute as can be!


When they sold us our home, they were only moving across town to a beautiful neighborhood situated around a golf course.  I was more than happy to ride around in the golf cart to beautiful areas of the neighborhood for their fun family pics!


I’m not sure how they’re gonna pick which photos for the wall.  Maybe all of them? 😉



Good grief with the cuteness of these two!


And I just learned that Michelle (the mama) can turn some yarn into amazing things!  Check out her shop on Etsy:

I ordered my daughter the Tiger Hooded Cowl that I should be getting tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pics of that….. 🙂

Thanks again, Haner Family, for the golf cart VIP tour of your neighborhood!