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Shooting Pics of my Bestie at the Mizzou Campus


I just love when a photo shoot is also a good reason to catch up with one of my best friends!  Words cannot express how much I ADORE this family.  And we all met because of Mizzou.  I was working in the Engineering Dean’s office when I met Josh.  Josh then mentioned that his girlfriend, Ann, was looking for a new roommate and the rest is history!  Since then, we’ve each been in each other’s weddings and we’ve had 3 kids between us.  And one of the perks of my family moving back to Missouri last year is that it makes it a little bit easier to see each other.  Meet one of my favorite families on the planet.

A for FBB for WEB

Their little boy Mark is a charming little casanova.  He even planted a big slobbery kiss on me before we parted ways 🙂

D for WEBC for WEBAnd like my kids, he has a lot of energy.  He is very thoughtful, curious, a little bit daring and a LOT of fun.  I felt like we were consistently moving along this photo shoot, but sometimes those are the best kind.  You capture a lot of movements on the fly.

E for WEBF for WEB G for WEB H for WEB

This kid is daddy’s little buddy.  Mark is such a joy, and Josh is such a great dad!

I for WEBHere’s where Mark stopped for a bit to do some serious posing.  He had us in tears.  And the more we laughed, the more he hammed it up for the camera.

J for WEB K for WEB L for WEBMark seemed very interested in seeing where his mommy and daddy went to school, so we tried to show him as many places as we could.

N for WEB O for WEB P for WEBThe most notable piece of architecture on the Mizzou Campus is of course, the columns.  Mark loved that his daddy actually let him climb up onto the columns.  He thought he was up SO high.

T for WEBQ for WEB S for WEB S2 for WEBMark and his mommy have a good time too 🙂

U for WEB V for WEBThese two are the cutest darned couple.  I just love them both!

W for WEBX for WEBMy friend has the most gorgeous eyes!

Y for WEBI.  Love.  This.  Family.

Z for WEB ZA for WEB ZB for WEBI hope Mark got extra Shakespeare’s pizza and Sprite after we parted ways!  He earned it.  Can’t wait to hang out again soon!!



Wedding Memory Book


As brides are typically opting out of the formal wedding albums more and more, I decided to offer a smaller, inexpensive coffee table like book option as part of my wedding package.  It was hard choosing just 20 photos.  Going through my albums made me realize how fun and special each and every one of these days were.  Thanks again for letting me be a part of it!FB 1

FB 2

FB 3

FB 4 FB 5FB 6FB 7FB 8FB 9FB 10FB 11FB 12FB 13FB 14FB 15FB 16FB 17FB 18FB 19FB 20XOXO,