Elizabeth + Cody Wedding


Meet Cody and Elizabeth.

A for WEB

These two are adorable.  Elizabeth is the 2nd of the quadruplets to get married this summer. Her brother Alex got married in June (which I was also lucky enough to photograph).  The morning of the wedding, I met Elizabeth at the salon with her crew.  It was such a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

B for WEB

Elizabeth had gotten all of the ladies monogrammed shirts for the wedding.  Such a cute idea!

C for WEB

We then headed over to the country club (where the reception would be) to finish getting ready and do the “First Look” pics.

D for WEB

Elizabeth’s mom was our daughter’s Kindergarten teacher, and we LOVED her.  I was in awe of her on this day.  Not only was she marrying off the 2nd of her 4 children in a matter of a few months apart, but she was marrying off her only daughter.  And she did so with such beauty and grace, I can only hope to be half as put together as she was on my kids’ wedding days!

E for WEB

F for WEB

When it came time for the “First Look,” Elizabeth and her whole crew became giddy.  Cody was a cool as a cucumber, but definitely excited to see his bride.  I took them up under a shade tree, but not out of view of their bridal party (who stayed inside with their faces pressed against the glass doors).  When Cody turned to see Elizabeth, everyone started cheering from inside the building!

G for WEB

Then we hopped into some golf carts and drove around the golf course to take more pics.

H for WEB

I for WEB J for WEB

K for WEB

And here’s a fun one of the bridal party!

L for WEB

Elizabeth and Cody presented their parents with gifts before the ceremony.  How thoughtful and sweet!  Here is one of the gifts…..

M for WEB

And here are just a few pics from the ceremony.  Once again, brilliant singing by the bride’s brother, Andy.

N for WEB

And because Cody’s a firefighter, we got to take pics with the fire truck!

O for WEB

P for WEB

The reception was warm and inviting.  The food and cake were amazing!  They even had a whole room designated for families with children, complete with coloring books and a candy bar.  The centerpieces in that room were fish bowls with fish that they gave away to whomever wanted to have a new pet!

Q for WEB

We popped outside for a few more photos right before it started to rain, ending with a little splash of “good luck” to end their beautiful day.

R for WEB

S for WEB

What a fun day this was!  Thanks again to the Flanagin family for letting me be part of two of the most important days in your lives.  You made me feel like part of the family.  Until the next wedding!

T for WEB



One thought on “Elizabeth + Cody Wedding

  1. Missy Marlett

    This was so beautiful and very well put together! You did an awesome job as the photographer! Best wishes to an AWESOME couple! Love, Missy Marlett (cousin of the groom)

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