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The M Family


I got the pleasure of catching up with another friend that I hadn’t seen since high school last weekend.  And, I got to experience a little Mizzou Homecoming with her family.  It was a lovely morning!

Web Post 1Web Post 2I caught my first Mizzou Homecoming parade with these two cuties 🙂

Web Post 3And while the kids watched the parade, I stole these two for a bit.

Web Post 4Web Post 5Erin, it was lovely to see you again.  Thanks for having me take pics of your adorable family!




The T Family


This photo shoot came complete with leaf throwing and free popcorn.  Who says family photos can’t be fun? 🙂Web Post 1Web Post 2Web Post 3Web Post 4Thanks for a great shoot, T Family!



The J Family


I shot photos in another one of my “hometowns” this past weekend.  This is where I went to high school. It was also really cool to meet up with two of my classmates (they are high school sweethearts) that I hadn’t seen since HS graduation, but have kept up with on FB for many years now.  I feel like I’ve watched their kids grow up, watched them move across the country a couple times, all on the computer.  Both of our families have lived in several different states since graduating high school, but we both ended up moving back “home” last summer.  They’ve spent the last year renovating this beautiful home in town and were finally able to move in to it recently.  I have loved seeing how they have both restored and renovated this beautiful home!  And I was happy to finally meet their children in person.  I also enjoyed exploring the town and finding many places that have been changed/updated and many that have stayed just as I remembered them, which is also nice 🙂  I enjoyed photographing your family and catching up!  Let’s do it again soon!  Welcome home, J Family!

Web Post Part AWeb Post Part BxWeb Post Part CD for WEBWeb part DWeb post E

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Amanda + Shane Engagement Photos


This photo shoot took me back on so many levels.  First of all, I used to babysit Amanda and her sisters.  Also, we did the photos in my “hometown.”  That word is in quotation marks because I’m actually from the farm, but this is where I went to grade school K-8.  I had the same 20 some kids in my class from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  I grew up with these people.  I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything.

So we had planned this shoot several weeks out, and you never know what the weather is going to do.  This particular day was very very gray, dark, cloudy, rainy-it actually sprinkled on us off and on throughout the shoot.  I almost thought of cancelling, but I thought as long as it wasn’t pouring down rain, we were gonna make it work.  And we used that cloudy day to our advantage by taking photos from every angle in the little town of Blackwater.  We started off down at the railroad tracks.

B for WEB F for WEB G for WEB H for WEB I for WEB J for WEB K for WEB L for WEBWe then strolled through town, stopping at all the little quaint spots along the way.  This town is actually a lot cuter now than it was when I grew up.  There has been a lot that has gone into the restoration of the town.  There’s several antique stores, an old saloon, a hotel/restaurant, courtyards, gardens and they were even having a festival the weekend that we were there.

M for WEB N for WEB O for WEB P for WEB Q for WEB The thing I remembered most about Amanda when she was little was her adorable freckles and curly hair.  She looks exactly like the grown up version of that little girl I had pictured in my mind.  She is gorgeous!R for WEB S for WEB T for WEBU for WEBI had to politely ask a guy to move his truck to get this shot of the mural.V for WEBHow gorgeous is this ring?  I love the vintage look to it.W for WEBX for WEBThese two could not stop smiling at each other.  I love engagement sessions so much.  They are just fun and full of love!

Z1 for WEBAfter a quick outfit change, we kept strolling through the one street town.

Y for WEB Z for WEBShane was totally awesome throughout the shoot.  He actually looked like he was having fun.  And I watched him be a perfect gentleman on several occasions.  You can tell he truly adores Amanda!

Z5 for WEB He was actually carrying her over puddles in this pic.  So cute!Z6 for WEB Z7 for WEBI love a couple who is up for anything!  We climbed into fields, dodged trains, jumped over puddles…fun stuff 🙂

Z8 for FB Z9 for WEBThis train depot is fairly new (or at least wasn’t here when I was a kid).  You can rent it out for parties/events.  It’s adorable.  I said, “Hey, Shane.  Try dipping her up there!” and after a smile and a look, he made it happen.  Magic.

Z4 for WEB Z10 for WEBWith the festival in town, I had to get some sort of pic with this cute, little food truck.  I don’t think either one of them cared for cotton candy, but they were good sports for me.  And the result…one of my fave pics ever.

ZZ for WEBThanks for a fun shoot, Amanda and Shane!  I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next fall!



J Family Photos


Meet Sydney’s 1st Grade Teacher and her adorable family!

Q for WEBWe really like Mrs. J.  She is always smiling.  We knew she was a perfect fit for Sydney when we found out that she had a snake as a class pet.  Sydney thought that was totally awesome.

C for WEB D for WEBThis family gets an A+ for outfit coordination.  Love these colors!

F for WEBI could not get over how blue these adorable kiddos’ eyes were!  Giant blue eyes and cute smiles to match.

A for WEB G for WEB H for WEBTheir little boy was adorable.  He kept rewarding himself with Smarties that he had in his jeans pocket for each good smile he gave me.

E for WEBAnd this sweet little girl was the easiest going baby.  I almost forgot she was a person.  She was more like a super, adorable accessory 🙂

K for WEB P for WEBI love this picture.  It shows how important it is for mommy and daddy to love each other, especially in front of the children.  Those babies are just taking all the love right in!

L for WEBJ for WEB M for WEB N for WEBI can’t get over how adorable this family is!

B for WEB Notice the hand in the pocket, gearing up to give himself his next Smarties reward lol!I for WEB O for WEB R for WEBThanks for letting me take pics of your sweet family!  I’m excited about this upcoming school year!



Cody + Elizabeth Engagement


Meet Elizabeth and Cody.  They are high school sweethearts and they are adorable.  Elizabeth is the only girl in a set of quadruplets!  She is studying to be an Elementary School teacher and will graduate in about another year.  Her mom was Sydney’s Kindergarten teacher last year, and we LOVED her.  Cody and Elizabeth got engaged at Shelter Gardens inside the little schoolhouse (since Elizabeth is studying to be a teacher).  Cody had written “Will you marry me?” on the chalkboard.  How cute is that??

1 for WEB2 for WEBHer ring is gorgeous, and Cody picked it out himself!3 for WEB4 for WEB5 for WEB6 for WEB7 for WEBAlong with working the family business with his father, Cody is a firefighter.  When I heard we were going to get to take pics with the fire truck, I got just a little bit excited 🙂

8 for WEB 8a for WEB 8b for WEB 9 for WEB 10 for WEB 11 for WEB 12 for WEB 13 for WEB 14 for WEB 15 for WEB 16 for WEB 17 for WEBWe then took a little drive out to the country where Cody’s family lives.  I could’ve just driven along those tree-canopied roads all afternoon.  We hopped out to snap a few more pics as the sun was setting.

18 for WEB 19 for WEB 20 for WEB 21 for WEB22 for WEBI’m looking forward to shooting their wedding next summer!  Maybe we’ll even take pics with the fire truck again 🙂